It can be difficult for kids to understand and process bad dreams…

Sometimes talking about an issue can be difficult—so help your child help themselves with this workbook!

By talking out loud about bad dreams or writing them down, you’re giving your child the control to take the power away from bad dreams. You’re giving them the tools to cope while also giving them the opportunity to lean on you if they need.

By completing this activity book, kids will discover they’ve created the most powerful tool for taming bad dreams.

Does your child have occasional nightmares?

Every child will suffer from a nightmare from time to time and it can be a challenge for a parent to effectively explain what a bad dream is and to reassure their child that they are harmless. Of course a nightmare, aside from being frightening for a young child, can also disrupt sleep patterns and make bedtime far less pleasurable. So how can you help your child to overcome them?

What’s inside?

Is it a coloring book? Yes. Is it more than a coloring book? Double yes!

Inside the pages of This Book Eats Bad Dreams, your child can follow funny monsters who talk about their favorite things and give your child the opportunity to:

Color in the images

Draw their own interpretation of their dream

Write a story or thoughts about it

Record their favorite things, places, and people

Take part in fun exercises

Learn how to conquer their bad dreams

And much more…

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